Papers of Helen Hogan and collected papers of Russell Page

Scope and Content

These papers were originally housed in a single lever arch file, unlabelled (discarded). The papers include:

Typescript biographical notes relating to Russell Page, at least some compiled by Page himself, c.1970s

Alphabetical list of projects undertaken by the late Russell Page, giving name of project (place name), client name and address, c.1990s

Correspondence of Helen Hogan, much of it relating to publications and exhibitions, with Carol Newman, 1994-2002, Francois Goffinet, 1991-1998, including marketing information produced by Francois Goffinet Limited, Martha Boyden of the American Academy in Rome, 1997-1998, Paul Miles, 1987-1994, Gabrielle Van Zuylen, 1986-1988, the Duke of Beaufort, 1985, and with people requesting loan of photographs of Page, 1997-2002

Correspondence relating to the publication, ‘The Gardens of Russell Page’ and Hogan’s grievance regarding the book, including a letter to Sir Roy Strong, 1991-1992

Correspondence relating to settlement of claims by Hogan against the estate of Russell Page, 1985-1987

Correspondence and papers relating to cataloguing of Page’s plans at Kalmthout Arboretum, 1986-1987

Correspondence and papers relating to a quest to find a suitable home (including at Dumbarton Oaks, Washington DC) for Page’s plans, 1987

Correspondence with Page’s clients including Eleanor Glover at Schloss Freudenberg, 1985, Columbus Museum of Art, 1986, and Thomas Vail in Cleveland, 1987

Papers relating to a proposed Russell Page Foundation, 1986, and to a posthumous exhibition, 1986-1987

Copy correspondence with Roy Strong relating to a proposed exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1984

Copy typescript list of furniture and other possessions to be distributed to named recipients at the instruction of Russell Page at Fitzroy Nuffield Hospital, 11 Dec 1984

Letters of sympathy following Russell Page’s death, including from Fred Whitsey, Eleanor Glover and Lady Bird Johnson (photocopy), 1985

Print out of plant list entitled ‘Plants for a London garden’, undated

List of Page’s projects with column headings ‘number name’, ‘villa’, ‘adress’ [sic] and ‘ville’, 1987

Two different computer printouts of a catalogue of Page’s plans, one giving plan number, client name and name and address of property, and the other giving job number and description, date, scale and dimensions, 1988

Original and copy papers of Russell Page:

Photocopy of letter from Russell Page to Francois Goffinet, early 1980s, relating to Goffinet taking on design work at Elbow Beach Hotel, Bermuda

Typescript list of questions apparently to put to a potential client, possibly used by Page in his work, undated

Photocopy of letter from Russell Page to Patrick Bowe, 9 Jan 1983, apparently relating to an exhibition or study of Page’s work, stating that his garden design plans were ‘shabby’ and therefore unsuitable

Photocopy of letter from Russell Page to Robert de Belder saying he was donating his plans made since 1962 to the proposed Foundation at Kalmthout, and that if de Belder did not want to keep them, Page wished them to go to either the Victoria and Albert Museum or the Royal Library at Laeken, 23 Dec 1981

Return completed in Page’s hand to Charterhouse School as an update to the Charterhouse Register [of former students], including further education, war service, profession, marriages, awards received, publications, home address at birth and father’s name, 1967

Manuscript notes initialled R.P., with sections relating to trees, flowers, shrubs, the architecture of a garden, composition of a plan, the use and misuse of historical styles, light and shadow and other themes, undated

Photocopy of list of countries and dates in Page’s hand, including Europe and North America, Apr-Dec 1980

Manuscript itinerary in Page’s hand for visit to United States of America, Apr-Jun 1982

Copy of marriage certificate of Russell Page and Vera Milanova Daumal, 1954