Photographic material relating to gardens designed by Russell Page at an 18th-century chateau, Garancieres, Le Moulinet, near Paris, France, and at a farmhouse, Orgeval, near Paris, France

Scope and Content

These items were divided into the following two groups during cataloguing in Mar 2015; it was not possible to verify accuracy

Garancieres, Le Moulinet:

Black and white photographs, negatives and contact prints showing views of garden with exterior stairways, lake, formal parterres, paths, avenues of trees, arched walkway, exterior of house and countryside beyond

Some photographs are annotated on the reverse (longer annotations appear to be in Page’s hand) ‘Small Louis XV chateau 30 miles west of Paris. Large pool is of same date was found as shapeless duck pond in the middle of decayed orchard. Layout mainly grass, hornbeam hedges and clipped lime trees. Photo Russell Page’, ‘Same chateau seen from ¾ way down main northern axis. Lime trees, hedges and pyramidal hornbeams planted 1952. Small foreground pool made centre of original kitchen garden now shifted elsewhere. Photo Russell Page’, ‘April 54. Photo Russell Page. Detail of steps leading from entrance of chateau down into formal layout. When digging foundation for this circular stone stairway found foundations of original stairway, exact same spot and same radius of circle’, ‘Ortiz Limares[?]’, ‘Unknown’ and ‘Garancieres’. One contact sheet is annotated ‘Fresnay and Mivoisin’

Some photographs are duplicates

Two photographs are marked up on the reverse for publication including in ‘The Education of a Gardener’

Farmhouse, Orgeval:

Black and white photographs, negatives and contact prints showing views of walled garden, tulip border, two women in the garden and exterior views of house

Some photographs are annotated on the reverse ‘Orgeval. May 54. Russell Page’; one is additionally annotated ‘Vera Page’ and ‘Noel Murphy’

No photographs are marked up for publication

Some photographs are duplicates

Some images are undated

Size of photographs ranges from 14.8 x 15.0 cm to 20.2 x 25.6 cm

Original storage envelope labelled ‘Farmhouse near Paris, Orgeval + 18th century chateau near Paris, Garancieres, Le Moulinet’ (label retained)


34 black and white photographs

4 black and white contact sheets (12 images on 3 sheets, 8 images on 1 sheet)

5 strips 2¼ black and white negatives (4 images on 1 strip, 3 images on 2 strips, 1 image on 2 strips)

3 negatives envelopes