Photographic material relating to a garden designed by Russell Page for Antoine Masurel (or possibly Yves Masurel), France

Scope and Content

Black and white photographs and negatives showing views of garden with lawns, mature trees, paths, flower borders, courtyard and exterior views of house

One photograph is annotated on the reverse 'Pibonson'[?]; negatives envelope is annotated 'Page' and 'Antoine Masurel 9/54'

No photographs are marked up for publication

Photographs do not appear to be duplicates

Size of photographs ranges from 12.1 x 12.2 cm to 15.5 x 12.2 cm

Some images are undated

Original storage envelope labelled 'Mr Yves Masurel, north of France. Building commenced 1945. House and garden plans written up in Maisons et Jardins magazine round about 1954-59' (label retained)


12 black and white photographs

4 strips 2¼ black and white negatives (4 images on 2 strips, 3 images on 1 strip, 1 image on 1 strip)

1 negatives envelope