Letter from the Baron Maurice de La Châtre, aka Maurice Lachâtre, (1814-1900) to Hugo

Scope and Content

Autograph letter to Hugo in which the writer, who hopes to be chosen to publish 'La Misère', states that as the censorship would ban it as a serial in La Presse he would risk doing it in book form, of which, he says, the censorship is more tolerant, witness Sue's Mémoires du Diable médecin, passed in book form after being banned as a serial in Le Siècle. La Châtre adds that he is sending Hugo, through Paul Meurice, the first tome of his Grand Dictionnaire universel.

The book entitled "La Misère" mentioned in this letter was the first title of the Misérables, which Hugo had started to write in 1840s and only finished in 1862.

Written at Arbanatz, Gironde. Lachâtre had a mansion there.

Lachâtre was a French Saint-Simonian and the publisher of Louis Blanc and Eugène Sue. In 1871, he had to flee to Spain, then Belgium and Switzerland because of his involvement during the Commune. He came back in 1879.