Letter from Vivien to Louis-Joseph Hugo (1777-1853)

Scope and Content

A former friend from the army, with whom Louis Hugo had lost contact since 1830, gets in touch again. He congratulates Louis-Joseph Hugo on his promotion as an officer in the Corrèze and the Cantal. He writes about his son's schooling. Instead of studying in Paris, he made his studies in Gap, because of his mother's illness. The nineteen-year-old boy is said to be an excellent student, but he has failed two times at the Ecole Polytechnique. As Joseph-Léopold Hugo (Victor Hugo's father) used to protect the boy, the writer asks Louis-Joseph Hugo to do the same, by introducing the boy to Victor Hugo.

Written at Gap.

Vivien is unidentified. Louis-Joseph Hugo was a French Maréchal de Camp (rank equivalent to major-general), and uncle of Victor Hugo.