Part of the page proofs of Les Châtiments (printed in 1853)

Scope and Content

It is probably the first clandestine edition of these political poems (1853, full edition without the name of the editor, "New York and Genève" mentioned). A small format is used (in-32°) in order to help the illegal circulation of the book. The proofs are made on two poems (part VIII) : "Aux femmes" and "L'obscurité couvre le monde..." : page proofs made in red and brown inks.

Marked in Hugo's hand "bon à tirer au nombre indiqué de la page 246 à la page 269 après clichage et correction très attentive. – 30 août [1853]." (to be printed accordingly to the number planned, from page 246 to 269, after clichage and a very careful checkout – 30 August [1853]).

Bought from Charavay on March 1964 for 280 francs.