Letter from Marguerite Louise Virginie Ancelot, née Chardon, (1792-1875) to Hugo

Scope and Content

Autograph letter to Hugo informing him of her husband's wish to follow Hugo's advice and resign from the directorship of the Vaudeville theatre. She wishes to continue writing, but not for the Vaudeville; thereby hoping to remove the antagonism of the Commission towards her. When she started to collaborate with her husband, she wanted to conceal the fact, but when it became public through the press, she could not hide her work any longer.

Ancelot was a French writer, painter and socialite. She led a famous salon in Paris during the Restauration and July Monarchy. Her husband Jacques-François Ancelot (1794-1854), playwright and novelist, became Academician in 1841. According to this letter, he was forced to resign from his position of director of the Vaudeville theatre after the press discovered that his wife had published her works under his name (probably to avoid the prevalent misogyny towards female writers).