Letter from Louise-Aline Ménard, née Dorian, (1850-1929) to an unidentifed correspondent

Scope and Content

Autograph letter to an unknown correspondent asking him to let her have all the "eaux-fortes" engravings of Hauteville House. She gives news of Victor Hugo (who is recovering after illness).

Written at Hauteville House, Guernsey.

Bought from Goodspeed's Bookshop on 24 August 1964 for $245, with four other letters from Hugo to anonymous correspondents, one letter of Juliette Drouet, and one letter of Paul Meurice (VMH/5/5).

Ménard-Dorian was the mother of Pauline Ménard-Dorian, who married George Hugo, grandson of Victor Hugo, in 1894.