Letter from Pierre-Martinien Tousez, aka Bocage (1799-1862) to Hugo

Scope and Content

Autograph letter to Hugo explaining that he has tried to see him several times without success, once in the company of F. Ponsard, author of the tragedy Lucrèce, who wanted to thank Hugo for the theatre ticket (probably for Les Burgraves). Bocage has sent Hugo an invitation to a soirée at his home, but wanted to warn him that the entertainment would consist of a reading of Lucrèce, and Hugo would perhaps not find the evening enjoyable and possibly, embarrassing. Ponsard's play was first performed on 22 April 1843 at the Odéon, with Bocage in the part of Brutus.

Marked 'r' (répondu) in Hugo's hand.

Bocage was a famous actor (specialized in Romantic dramas), director of the Théâtre de l'Odéon (1845-1847; 1849-50), co-founder of the Société des artistes dramatiques (1840). He was a fierce Republican.