Associations: L

Scope and Content

Four letters to be sent out to employers informing them of the work of the Women's Service Bureau

Launderers Association

Law Society

League of the Empire

League of Nations

Liberation Society

Life-Boat Association

Lighting Trades Limited

London Association of Accountants

London Association of Master Decorators

London Commercial Travellers

London Cotton Brokers Association

London General Ship Owners Society

London Housing Society

London Pharmaceutical Society

London Association for the Protection of Trade

London Cattle Food Trade Association

London Corn Trade Association

London District Association of Engineering Employers

London & Eastern Counties Association of Controlled Establishments

London Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Market Association

London Jewellers and Allied Trades Association

London Life Stock Traders Association

London Masster Bakers' Protection Society

London Employers Association Limited

London Oil and Tallow Trading Association

London Patriotic Club and Institute Society

London Progressive Education Society National Education Association

London Progressive Union

London Rice Brokers' Association

London Safety First Council and British Industrial Safety First Association

London Association for Promoting Christianity among the Jews

London Trades Sales Association

Lord Wandsworth Institution for the Training of Children of Both Sexes for Agricultural work