Associations: S-Z

Scope and Content

Seed Crushers Association

Shaftsbury Training School for Boys

Sister Susie's Mending Company

Shirt and Collar Manufacturers Federation

Society of British Gas Industries

Society of Chemical Industries

Society of Coal Merchants

Society of National Propaganda

Society for Relief of Distress

Society for Suppressing Gambling

Sunday Games Association

Standard Steam Ship Owners Mutual Association

Tea Brokers' Association

Union of Co-operative Tar Manufacturing Association

United Committee for the Taxation of Land Values

United Bottle Manufacturers Limited

United Kingdom Alliance for Promoting Temperance

United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Association Incorporated

United Oil and Coal Corporation

Universal Accommodation Bureau

Victory War Loan Headquarters

Village Centres Council

Wholesale Traders' Association

Wholesale Woollen Merchants' Association

Association of Women Clerks and Secretaries

Women's Farm and Garden Association

Association of Women Pharmacists

Manuscript List of Associations