Programme of classes and list of bursaries and prizes open for competition

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See also GUA 22164: Copy letter from David Murray to Principal MacAlister relative to Glasgow University lectures given at Queen Margaret College, 29 February 1924; GUA 25292: Letter from Professor Thomas MacRobert to Secretary of Court, requesting permission to alter the time and place of his Mathematics (ordinary) class from Queen Margaret College to Glasgow University, 19 February 1930; GUA 25294: Letter from Professor Thomas Bryce to Secretary of Court on the difficulties of providing instruction for women students in Anatomy because of the distance from Glasgow University to Queen Margaret College, 24 February 1930; GUA 25293: Letter from Professor Rennie to Secretary of Court relative to the suggestion that classes should not be held at Queen Margaret College because of the inconvenience involved, 24 February 1930; GUA 24621: Timetable of classes held at Queen Margaret College relative to the proposal that all classes should now be taken within Glasgow University, December 1930