Documents re: independent University of Manchester

Scope and Content

Printed documents relating to plans to establish an independent University of Manchester. These include:

  • Memo by A H Young, H B Dixon and W Perkin, Jan 1902, concerning academic organization of the independent University.
  • Scheme for the constitution of a University in Manchester, Jan 1902.
  • A scheme for the amendment of the existing charter of the Victoria University so as to secure an independent university in Manchester (recommendation of Senate in committee, 3 and 10 March 1902).
  • Memo by William Boyd Dawkins on the University scheme, arguing for retention of name "Victoria" in University's title.
  • A scheme for amendment of charter of the VU to establish independent University of Manchester.
  • Memorandum outlining scheme for organization of the new University, and outlining general aims (by Owens academics, Arthur Schuster, T. F. Tout, S. Alexander, S J Chapman).
  • Draft amending charter of the Victoria University [ i.e. reconstituting the Victoria University as the Victoria University of Manchester] 1903.
  • Resolution passed at Meeting of the Medical Section of Senate, recommending investigation of Scottish universities' faculty organization; request new University have powers to recognize teacher s in other institutions and propose name of "Victoria" be retained in University's title, n.d..