Bundle of correspondence

Scope and Content

Letters addressed to A.W. Ward and J.G. Greenwood etc. in connection with a proposed deputation to the Lord President of the Council, to petition for a charter for a university of Manchester:

  • /1 Copy letter from W.E Forster, 1 Jul 1877, expressing support, interested in proposal of affiliation of other northern colleges.
  • /2 From Matthew Arnold, 13 Jul [1877], unable to attend deputation but "entirely. approve(s)" of proposal.
  • /3 from Allen Thomson, (professor of anatomy, University of Glasgow), 14 Jul 1877, cannot attend, supportive of the Owens plan, believes College has shown itself "worthy of the distinction".
  • /4 From Edward Freeman, 15 Jul 1877, supports proposal: "Owens College has fully proved its fitness to receive a charter as an university...". Considers its academics are hampered by teaching for University of London degrees, and rejects view will lead to lower quality degrees.
  • /5 From Mark Pattison (Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford), will try to attend deputation; says cannot reconcile himself to name of "University of Manchester".
  • /6 From [?]16 Jul 1877, cannot attend, but supports Manchester as " a most important centre for the development of pure and applied science"
  • /7 from George Rolleston, 17 Jul 1877, expresses general sympathy with proposals.
  • /8 From Thomas Andrews (vice-president, Queen's University of Belfast) to Henry Roscoe, 17 Jul 1877, has previously supported a university at Manchester, hopes to see university follow "Scottish or German model".
  • /9 From B.C. Brodie to Roscoe, 19 Jul 1877 , considers Owens a university "all but in name", and supported by local community; feels State should support such a university.
  • /10 From J Stansfield, n.d, supports the idea and does not believe a new university will lead to "Dutch auction" of degrees, as some have warned; would not support a charter if excluded women.