Papers re. Application for Government grant-in-aid

Scope and Content

  • 1) Report outlining objectives of Extension and case for government aid, issued by Executive Committee, principal and chair of trustees, 24 Feb 1868;
  • 2) Circular announcing deputation to First Lord of Treasury and requesting support from local authorities, 26 Feb 1868;
  • 3) Circular announcing meeting re. grant-in-aid for Owens College at Downing St, 24 March 1868, dated 20 Mar 1868;
  • 4) Memorial of EEC requesting aid from Exchequer n.d. [1868 (2 copies)];
  • 5) Minute of the Executive Committee, outlining case for government aid for College and conditions attaching to it.

Former reference: UA/1/25-26.