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Richard Knill, St Petersburg - conversions followed his son John's death; clothing the poor; charity school; new preaching station; women's work; tract on son's death intended for wide distribution; went to preach to Cronstadt [Kronstadt] sailors (10 weeks); preparing tracts and psalters; 6,500 portions of Scripture distributed in year

Edward Stallybrass, Khodon - barren-ness of mission work, 8 boys in school; (photocopy) plan of land granted to Selenginsk mission [1825], with translation of specifications (N.B. original plan held with oversize visual material, order separately - Map Cabinet 3); chief lama's visits preparing a Mongolian arithmetic primer; unwillingness of lamas to learn; writing 'Hints on personal devotion and missionary labour' for publication

William Swan, London - Special documents relating to Siberian mission brought by him:-

D N Bludof to W Swan - Copies (English and Russian) of permission to continue mission and increase number of missionaries

to D N Bludof - copy of requested particulars of mission

arguments for giving up Siberian mission, with replies to those arguments

notes of conversations with St Petersburg officials (March to June 1831)

notes respecting Siberian mission

memo re the mission presented to LMS Eastern Committee, 4 June 1832

William Swan, St Petersburg - general qualifications for missionaries to Siberia; re interveiw with Siberian officials; negotiations on freedom of movement and printing Scriptures; Dr Schmidt proposed as censor of manuscripts; Robert Yuille preparing types for Tibetan lexicon

Details of who translated particular books of the Bible; expected salary cost

D N Bludof - Schmidt appointed censor; reply re freedom of movement not yet received

copy of William Swan's letter to Bludof; his departure delayed trying to purchase Chinese-Mongolian Scriptures (work of Jesuit missionaries to Pekin [Beijing]; failing this will copy Manchu part of Holy Synod's copy

Robert Yuille, Selenginsk - expectation of another missionary; school work and building; need for printer

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