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Benjamin Briggs, Antananarivo - review of 1865

Robert Toy, Antananarivo - half-yearly accounts; determined to send Malagasy preachers to Betsileo country and to visit there himself, but serious fire at Fianarantsoa and Madagascar government attitude prevents; government interference with missionary activity unlikely for time being, so memorial churches should be completed rapidly; heathen members of government propose pulling down many churches

William Pool, Antananarivo - progress of church building at Ambohipotsy; holdups at Ambatonakanga; encloses correspondence with consul T C Pakenham and prime minister re church at Andohalo; some masons in missionary employ engage in slave dealing

Joseph Pearse, Antananarivo - personal diary

James Sibree, Antananarivo - progress of memorial churches; encloses tracings and specifications of Faravolutra church

Arthur Tidman, LMS London - time not ripe for missionaries of Society for Propagation of the Gospel at Antananarivo

Richard Hartley, Antananarivo - review of mission at Andohalo

James Cameron, Antananarivo - approves proposal for French protestant missionaries; complains of LMS decision to terminate his service; will stay to complete government work

William Ellis, LMS London, to James Cameron and James Sibree - urges simpler design for memorial churches

George Cousins, Antananarivo - report on Amparibe and surrounding villages; schools inefficient; encloses statistics for churches and schools

Dr Andrew Davidson, Antananarivo - leaves on holiday for health's sake, with supplementary letter signed by ten missionaries etc urging him to do so

Charles Jukes, Antananarivo

copy from minutes of meeting of missionaries and Malagasy Christians at Antananarivo

2 Norwegian missionaries arrive; 2 missionaries from Church Missionary Society at Andevoranto; increased activity by Roman Catholics

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A detailed list of Incoming Correspondence for Madagascar, 1794-1879 (list E2), is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library.

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