North China,1896

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includes letters from:-

William Hopkyn Rees, Hsaio Chang [Siaochang/Xiaozhang] - how to improve relations between Welsh churches and LMS

Mrs Rees [née Margaret Harrison], Hsaio Chang

Richard Jenkins, Hsaio Chang, Tai Tzu Ying, Tientsin [Tianjin] and on board steamship Telamon

joint letter of Dr Sewell McFarlane and Mrs McFarlane [née Mary Armstrong], Hsaio Chang

joint letters of John Parker and Mrs Parker [née Lily Ashburner], Chaoyang - hampered by restraint on building, thousands turned away from dispensary

Jonathan Lees (treasurer), Tientsin

Clara Goode, Peking [Beijing]

David Murray, Tientsin and Yensan - death of baby; moved to Yensan

Mary Macey, Tientsin

Samuel Meech, Peking

John Parker, Chaoyang, Chiu Chou and New Chuang [Niúzhuang, Yingkou] - birth of son; plans better training for Chinese colleagues; Mongol opposition at Lao-pei-tzu; baptized a man who learnt from James Gilmour; cooperation with Presbyterians over training Chinese; deputation work in Australia and New Zealand; if LMS cannot support Mongolia work adequately, suggests transfer to Irish Presbyterians

Dr Lillie Saville, Tientsin

Joseph Stonehouse, Peking and Tung An - plan of property at Tung An [Tungan]

Dr George Smith, Tientsin - mission sanatorium started at Pei Ta He [Beidaihe]

George Owen and others, Peking

Dr Sewell McFarlane, Hsaio Chang and on board Prinz Heinrich - birth of son; growth of Pei Tai Ho

Alexander King (secretary), Tientsin - enclosing John Parker's report with plan of Mongolian area; district committee minutes; enclosed letter from Albert Bridge offering his work at Wei Chen to be part of Chi Chou mission; resolutions; proposed increases in education grants for Peking, Chi-Chou, Yensan and Tientsin

John Allardyce, Peking

John Grant, Hsiao Chang - to marry Mary Elizabeth Roberts

Charlotte Kerr, Yensan

George Owen, Peking - Bible revision; death of reform movement; Tung-an under water

Thomas Howard Smith, Sydney and Peking - his ordination

Samuel Hart, Hsiao Chang - proposed theological college; work of Mrs Hart [née Elsie Peake]

Dr Arthur Peill, Hsiao Chang

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A detailed list of Incoming Correspondence for North China, 1860-1898 (list G4), is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library.

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