Miscellaneous mounted prints [possibly taken during Arthur Chirgwin's tour, 1938]

Scope and Content

Includes scenes of life, people, and places around China. Groups include: women of village on the way to Tingchow [Changtung]; ladies of the Amoy [Xiamen] congregation; staff of Hok Bin school, Kulangsu. Other people include: Chirgwin (eating with chopsticks); [Alexander] Baxter and "Alec"; Ivy Greaves; workers on the land, including irrigators on the Grand Canal; [Kate] Hutley [nee Kate Keen, later Kate Walker] and Mrs Wang; Dr Bernard Read and [Stanley] Boxer; Mr and Mrs T K Chiu; Dr [Roland] Alderton and [Maud] Ward; famine victims; [Martha] Slater [nee Martha Shirley]; retired pastor, Amoy; [Ivy] Phyllis Read and Noel Slater; Enid Lin; Eric Liddell. Events featured include: funeral processions, Peking [Beijing] and Hong Kong; a religious festival on the way to Tingchow. Activities featured include: feasting; winnowing millet; grinding corn; ploughing; travel by cart, buggy, junk, sedan chair, rickshaw, and bus; "village welcome"; selling peanuts; crossing bridge with millet; crushing out wheat; open-air theatre; spinning; picnicking; leaving Church on Sunday morning, Amoy; eating noodles; praying in a Buddhist temple, Kulangsu; carrying household furniture; fishing; mending an iron pot; carrying water; having letters written; cutting hair. Other places or buildings featured include: Union Medical College and "dragon screen", Peking; grave mounds and memorial towers, and missionary home, Siaochang; plank bridges and countryside, Tsangchow [Cangzhou]; villages, rice-terraces, roads, clan houses, and houses on stilts, on the way to Tingchow; Lan Shien, near Tingchow; street and river scenes, Tingchow; "new territories", streets, harbour, Hong Kong; Kowloon; hills around Tingchow; children's section, Hong Kong Hospital; Chengchow [Zhengzhou] Harbour; a village temple; Mission house, matting sheds for refugees, and the beach, Kulangsu; views over Kulangsu Island; Amoy Park and Harbour; Yenching [University, Peking] grounds and pagoda; river, bridge (destroyed), Theological College, Dr [Wilfrid] Busby's house, and Chin Tek school, Changchow [Zhangzhou]; Tientsin [Tianjin] Anglo-Chinese College. Also includes: Monogolian camel train; mission flag on bicycle; head of a brigand suspended from a pole; house-boats; Japanese banner "proclaiming their peaceful intentions".

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Duplicates of a couple of Siaochang prints

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