Religious and secular occupations in Manchuria and Peking, and Kiangsi [Jiangxi], Shantung [Shandong], Yunnan, and Shansi [Shanxi] provinces.

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Prints have detailed printed information on their backs. People include: whalers; pigeon dealers; priests at handicraft work; a travelling entertainer; "comely" pillow-seller; street barber, Peking [Beijing]; silversmith. Activities featured include: dissecting a whale; towing boats up-stream; indigo grinding at Chingtechen [Jingdezhen]; marking a drag-net. Other places or buildings featured include: whale dissecting station, Elliot Group Islands, South Manchuria; Lan River; tea store; pawnshop at Sinlitun [Xinlitun]; confectioneries; ceramic kiln and interior of a pottery at Chingtechen; Poshan [Boshan]; Tali [Dali]; Wutai Shan (Shansi); Yungchengwan and Yangmatao Island (Shantung); bladder shop; Hayantao Island [Hayang Dao]; book store; tobacco shop. Also includes: harpoon gun and turret on whaler; rosary stalls; marble slabs; Kiukiang [Jiujiang] images; coffin wood.

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