Religious buildings and ceremonies in Eastern Mongolia, Chekiang [Zhejiang], Shansi [Shanxi], and Kiangsi [Jiangxi] provinces.

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Prints have detailed printed information on their backs. Groups include: pilgrims in temple yard. People include: buddhist priest by roadside; pious old woman; squatting priest; couple on their way to Peitzumiao Temple festival. Activities featured include: "orthodox play and comodiette" and "angels' dance" (Mongolian festival). Other places or buildings featured include: mountain path up to Futo Temple; Chinliang and Tahsientung Temples and pillar of Tafakuangssu, Wutai Shan (Shansi); Hsipota, Haihuissu Temple, Huchi, and Hsienjentung (Lu Shan, Kiangsi); main temple of Puchisso, Futoshan [Putuo Shan]; uninscribed monument at Taimiao, Taian; Taitzukuan on Taishan and top of "Heavenly Pillars" (Shantung); grave of grand priest Huiyuan (at Lushan, Shansi); Mount Yolu, Changsha. Also includes: image of King Dragon; lamaist musical instruments; poles with paper fringes; god and goddess of prosperity.

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