Papua New Guinea Photographs

Scope and Content

This series comprises photographic material connected with the work of the London Missionary Society in Papua New Guinea. It is divided into sub-sections (repeated for the second, and to a lesser extent the third deposit of photographs).The first section contains material which has not been assigned to a particular sub-section either because it concerns Papua as a whole, it covers more than one sub-section, or there is insufficient information to assign it to a particular sub-section; the second contains material relating to Eastern Papua, including Kerepunu and Mailu; the third contains material relating to Central Papua including Port Moresby and Delena; the fourth to Western Papua and the fifth to the Torres Straits. Within sub-sections material has either been sorted into manageable units or kept in existing units if these are appropriate. Large sets such as the mounted lettered and numbered sequence of general prints have been reunited. Many prints by Rev William George Lawes appear in duplicate in albums or loose in Files 1, 4 and 5, some also appearing on the paste-up boards in File 2. There are also photographs from the London Missionary Society Print Library relating to Papua New Guinea.

Nore re place names:

Where possible, each place name is identified by a contemporary standard form (generally taken from Norman Goodhall 's 'A History of the London Missionary Society, 1895-1945') and also by a current modern standard form (generally taken from the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names) where this has been identified as different. The modern standard for Kaile has been used instead of Gaile.


Photographs have been transferred to the archive in three separate deposits and catalogued in three phases. The arrangement of photographic material reflects this, with sections repeated for the different deposits. The files have been arranged chronologically as far as is possible, although individual files can cover large date ranges.

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