Deeds and papers relating to Union Chapel, Hong Kong

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2. Copy of Resolution of the LMS. n.d

3. Will of Dr James Legge of Union Chapel, dated 27 Aug 1892

4. Draft resolutions of the Committee. n.d

5. Notes of Dr Legge regarding Union Chapel. n.d

6. Draft Settlement of Leasehold. Chapel at Hong Kong, China. 1865

7. Draft Settlement of Leasehold. Chapel at Hong Kong, China. 1865.

8. Draft Deed of declaration by Dr Legge, Union Chapel, Hong Kong. n.d

9. Letter from Whitehouse, Acting Foreign Secretary to Woollacott and Leonard, re: Union Chapel, dated 12 Jun 1874

10. Return of Property at Chung King furnished by the Rev. J. Parker, 2 Oct 1903

11. Return of Property in North China, post 1907

12. Assignment of Kuling Lot. No. 76 C, by Stephen Massey to the LMS Corporation. Typescript copy, 14 Feb 1919

13. Return of Property in Shamin Canton, furnished by Secretary of the Hong Kong District Committee. 9 Nov 1903

14. Union Chapel, Hong Kong. Outline of proposed Trust deed, annotated. 1865

15. Union Chapel, Hong Kong. Copy of MacAndrew's observations of draft trust deed. 30 Jan 1864

16. James Legge to Eusebius Smith and others. Draft Settlement of Leasehold Chapel at Hong King, China. 3 Oct 1866

17. Draft copy of Assignment of leasehold, Union Chapel Hong Kong 16 Aug 1865

18. Congregational Union of England and Wales. Notes re agenda for committee meeting to be held on 4 Apr 1865 and points relating to Union Chapel, Hong Kong, 13 Mar 1865

[19. Indenture between Dr John Kenneth Mackenzie, LMS, Rev Jonathan Lees and John Kenneth Mackenzie, LMS, re establishment of fund for use of LMS Hospital at Tientsin 1 Dec 1883 - ITEM MOVED TO FILE 11]

20. Union Chapel Hong Kong. Draft outline of proposed Trust Deed, with annotations, 13 & 15 May 1865

21. 3 printed booklets Proceedings relative to Union Chapel, London Mission Press, 1863

22. Letter from Dr Legge to Dr Mullens regarding trust of Union Chapel, 13 Oct 1866

23. Printed letter from Dr Legge regarding Union Chapel and plans to transfer it from its present site, 30 Jan 1864

24. Draft Memorandum to accompany draft settlement and reassignment, 16 Aug 1865

Originally a bundle of letters separate from the deeds listed above:

25. Letter from Joseph Mullens to Woollacott and Leonard relating to their enquiries regarding Union Chapel, 14 Oct 1864

26. Letter from F. Fox to Wollacott and Leonard relating to the signing of the Chapel trust deed by the trustees acting on behalf of the LMS 9 Jan 1867

27. Letter to Wood from Smale (?) relating to the draft title deed and Dr Legge's time at the Union Chapel, 1 Aug 1865

28. Letter from J. E. Parson, 1 Aug 1865

29. Letter from Rev J. Wood to Parson and Woollacott inviting them to see him1 Aug 1865

30. Letter from Rev J Wood to Parson and Woollacott informing them that Mr Smale received the draft 21 Jul1865

31. Letter from Smale to Wood re: papers sent to Dr Legge. 9 Jul1865

32. Letter from W. H. Warton regarding clauses 4, 5 and 16 in the Deed of the Union Chapel. 5 Jul1865

33. Letter from W. H. Warton, 3 Jul 1865

34. Letter from A. Tidman to Mr Parson re: Mr Warton and the trust deed. 16 Jun1865

35. Letter from A. Tidman to Mr Parsons informing him that he has arranged a meeting with Mr Wharton. Handwritten. 9 Jun 1865

36. Letter from Wood to Parson requesting all of the Hong Kong papers. 5 Jun 1865

37. Letter from Wood to Parson. 5 Jun 1865

38. Letter from William A. Argent to F. E Parson telling him how Mr. Woods is unhappy to produce a draft for Union Chapel from such instructions. Handwritten. 20 May 1865

39. Letter from F. Fox to F. E. Parson informing him of meeting arrangements. Handwritten. 13 May 1865

40. Letter from Mr Warton to Mr Parson regarding his work on Union Chapel. Handwritten. 4 May 1865

41. Letter from McCloud to Woollacott and Leonard regarding the copies of the deeds. Handwritten. 9 Jul 1874

42. Letter from Dr Legge to Dr Mullens answering his queries relating to he enrolment and stamping of the deed. Handwritten. 19 Oct 1867

43. Letter from Fox to Parson and Woollacott regarding the declaration of trust of the Chapel at Hong Kong. Handwritten. 19 Apr 1865

44. Letter from Fox to Parson and Wollacott relating to Dr Legge and the declaration of trust. Handwritten, 18 Apr 1865.

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