Partial set of prints [possibly once in an album or series of albums and] accumulated by [Arthur] Chirgwin

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[Taken during Chirgwin's deputation to Madagascar, 1931.] Groups include: country church and congregation, Ambalavao district; the ordination party at Mandritsara; Tsimihety women; villagers wearing the lamba; "our pilanza at ?Holongoina". People featured include: Betsileo women, Ambalavao; blind leper woman; women with bottles on head, Fianarantsoa market; women possibly at Port-Berge; [John] Jones; Tsimihety tribesman from near Diego Suarez [Antsirana]; Betsimisaraka women at Amparavarambalo; men in the long grass near Befandriana; Betsileo girls; [Isaac] James and Malagasy woman in filanzana; [Daniel] Jones in a mono-pousse; Tanala woman (weaving basket); woman at Imerimandroso; Hova woman; a woman minister. Activities featured include: people carrying wood, near Besoa; calling the congregation by conch shell; crossing a river; an old Malagasy dance at Andreba; women fetching water; travel by Malagasy pontoon; crossing the River Faraong in the Ikongo; selling sugar cane. Other places or buildings featured include: rice fields and old city gate, Tananarive [Antananarivo]; the mission house and the old royal palace, Ambohimanga; rocks near Ambalavao and Ambohimandroso; Ambohipotsy, Ampamarinana, and Ambalavao churches; the rock of hurling; Ambohinamborina market, street, and east church, Ambohimahasoa; Ivodahy school and church, Ambohitranlenaina Girls' School, steep street leading to Antranobiriki Church, views from [Frances] Hare and [John] Whitfield 's houses, and mission houses, Fianarantsoa; Anjozorobe (including the market); a Tanala village; Sahasinaka; [George] Burton 's house; on the road to Mandritsara; near Amparavarambalo; Tsimihety village; corner of market at Befata; gateway into old town; a village near Lake Alaotra. Also includes: rice granary; fish traps in the Fianarantsoa market; traveller's palm; "heathen altar"; tomb at Fianarantsoa; a giant baobab tree in Majunga [Mahajanga]; memorial stone; crocodile on rock; "typical Betsileo tomb"; Tsimahety head-dresses.

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Duplicates and negatives of hurling rock, men (and woman) wearing lamba, and traveller's palm

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