Photographs of the 150th celebrations of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa

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Images include:

1. ‘Chweched dosbarth LFC’ - Leulumoega Fou College 1981 sixth form at the end of their last term;

2. ‘Mabolgampau’ - Leulumoega Fou College Sports day 1981;

3. ‘Rygbi’ - Leulumoega Fou College vs Avele College rugby match 1981;

4&5. ‘Ymarfer 1’ and ‘Ymarfer 2’ - Leulumoega Fou College practising dancing for the 150th Celebration in Savaii 1980 - the two supervising teachers in Ymarfer 1 are Mina (senior mistress later vice-principal) and Akesa;

6. ‘Ymarfer olaf 1’ - Dress Rehearsals for the 150th Celebrations;

7&8. ‘Mynd i Savaii 1’ and ‘Mynd i Savaii 2’ - travelling to Savaii for the 150th Celebrations;

9. ‘Dathliad Savaii’ - Leululmoega Fou College at the 150th celebrations in Savaii 1981;

10. ‘Y band yn Savaii’ - Leulumoega Fou College band marching at the 150th Celebrations in Savaii 1981;

11. ‘Cofgolofn John Williams’ - the John Williams monument during the 150th Celebrations in Savaii 1981;

12. ‘Lale'n gwylio'r ymarfer’ - Leulumoega Fou Principal, the Reverend lale Ieremeia (later General Secretary) watching the rehearsals for the subsequent 150th Celebrations at the General Assembly at Malua 1981;

13.‘Fonotele’ - Leulumoega Fou dancing at the 150th Celebrations at the 1981 General Assembly, with Malua Theological College in the background;

14. ‘Malua Fou’ - Malua Fou College (a younger CCCS school) at the 150th Celebrations at Savaii 1980;

15. ‘Tereisa a'i gwr’ - The Reverend Lubero Vaifale and Tereisa his wife; Boarding House master (later a minister of a Samoan congregation in New Zealand) and the Senior Mistress at Leulumoega Fou College 1980;

16. ‘Oka’ - The Reverend Oka Fau'ola with his wife So'o and chidren 1981 - Principal of Malua Theological College, later Chairman of the Samoan Council of Churches, who played a large part in the rescue and help operations during and after the Tsunami [2009];

17. ‘Tramorwyr’ - some of the overseas workers in 1983, Varghese and his wife and daughter, Christians from Sri Lanka teaching at Leulumoega Fou, CWM missionaries; Reverend Colin?, wife and son from England, minister of Apia Protestant church; Gwyn Urhquart from New Zealand, and myself (Angharad Roberts) from Wales;

18. ‘Norman Kemp’ - The Reverend Norman Kemp, minister of Apian Protestant Church 1981, raising funds for his church;

19. ‘Tluanga a Buaki’ - Angharad Roberts with the Tluanga and his wife Biaki missionaries from PCI to Kiribati, Christmas day 1982;

20. ‘Maes awyr Baru’ - Angharad Roberts with Biaki and daughter at Baru Airport, Kiribati January 1983;

21. ‘Peni Vai’ - The Reverend Peniamina Vai , his wife Rosa and children, CWM missionaries from Samoa to Jamaica, 1984;

22. ‘Teulu Toma’ - Children's Sunday 1983: the Reverend Toma Toma and wife Rosa (who after Toma's death became Missionary Secretary of CCCS) and nuclear family;

23. ‘Teulu estyngedig Toma’ - Children's Sunday 1983: the Rev Toma Toma's household;

24. ‘Leulumoega Fou College’ - a second dress rehearsal for the 15th Celebrations at Savaii 1980.

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