Deeds and papers relating to properties in India

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11. Return of LMS property in the Gooty Mission District not transferred to the London Missonary Society Corporation. Handwritten. n.d

12. Letter addressed to Mr Chamberlain enclosing documents to be transferred to the LMS archives. Attached are:

a Power of Attorney from the Trustees of the Society to the Rev. B. Lucas to act on behalf of the society in regard to the failure of the Arbuthnot company. Typescript original, 6 Dec 1906; Power of Attorney from the trustees of the Society to the Rev. B. Lucas to sell the hospitals, school and other properties in Mysore, 11 Jan 1916; Power of Attorney from the Corporation to Rev G. Wilkins or R. Robertson or L.J. Thomas to act generally on behalf of the Corporation in South India, 26 Jan 1926

13. Return of property at Bellary Mission District, transferred to the London Missionary Society Corporation, 1 Feb 1906

14. Return of property at Calcutta and Murshidabad, transferred to the London Missionary Society Corporation, 7 Mar 1906

15. Return of property at Bellary and Vizagapatam, Nov 1908

16. Return of property at Gooty, 6 Apr 1904

17. Return of property at Guntakal Junction, Gooty Mission District, Nov 1907

18. Return of property at Anantapur, Jul 1907

19. Return of property at Kodaikanal and Vizagapatam, Jan 1907 (2 copies)

20. Return of property at Cuddapah and District, Sep 1908

21. Return of property at Jammalamadugu [Jammulamadugu], Jul 1907

22. Return of property at Madras, Sep 1908

23. Return of property at Hosur, Salem District, Nov 1908

24. Return of property at Kadiri, Cuddapah District, Nov 1907. Transferred to the London Missionary Society Corporation.

25. Deed of Purchase for the Compound at Bagalore. Handwritten draft. 1838 Also includes Draft Conveyance of the Mission Compound, Chapel and premises situate at Bangalore in the Presidency of Fort St George, Madras, in the East Indies. Lieutenant Col. Mackworth ti the Trustees of the London Missionary Society, 12 Mar 1838

26. Power of Attorney, London Missionary Society Corporation to Rev A Warren and others, re land and property in the Bengal Presidency, 15 Dec 1909

27. Papers relating to the Calcutta Berhampore Institute, including draft Power of Attorney to execute a conveyance of the London Missionary Society's Institution and other hereditaments at Bhowanipore, Calcutta, 1854, and draft conveyance; copy of 'The Calcutta Christian Advocate', Feb 1854, including article on the new Christian Educational Institution at Bhowanipore; leaflet on 'Proposed establishment of a Christian Institution for the advancement of education in Calcutta', with an appeal, 1847.

28. Copy of Deed of transfer by E. S. B. Stevenson, one of the Trustees of Fisher's Estate, to the London Missionary Society Corporation, of land at Salem, 3 Feb 1912. Handwritten. n.d

29. Notes relating to the Kachwa Mission, Mirzapur District, including the purchase of land in 1894, 1898, signed by Robert Ashton, Kachwa, 30 Mar 1900

30. Power of Attorney, Sir Albert Spicer and others to Rev James Chadwick Jackson, to deal with matters affecting the properties of the London Missionary Society in the Empire of India and particularly in Almora, Benares Native State and the Benares and Mirzapur and adjacent districts, 8 Dec 1924

31. South India District Committee, list of documents in the charge of the Secretary, Rev B Rice, 1 Dec 1884

32. Plan of the village, Mission property and premises at Neyoor, 1865

33. List of registered and unregistered property of the London Mission at Anantapur, 8 Apr 1900

34. Mr Forsaith's Observations re the Property Register and Notes of Particulars required to complete Register and steps necessary to be taken in reference to the various properties, Jan 1883

35. List of mission documents in the charge of the Treasurer, Madras, 6 Apr 1885

36. Valuation of property belonging to the London Missionary Society at Madras, n.d. Includes cover note, 25 Jan 1908

37. Letter regarding property in Vizagapatam, 10 Apr 1900

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