Reports for 1921

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Helping Hand Hospital, LMS, Almora - unclear signature [possibly G. F. Hubard]

Lily Stursberg

S. Mitra

Florence Gifford, Medical Work, Jiaganj

Edith Brown, South Village Womens' Work

G. Bernard Wills, Almora

A. W. McMillan, Kachwa Evangelistic Report

P. Biswas, Berhampore, Sakhipore & [Sakhpae?] Area

O. Stilwell, Women Teachers' Hostel; United Missionary Girls' High School; one joint report with Nellie Rivett. United Missionary Girls' High School

F. H. Gilbert, the Bazar Schools, Almora

E. S. Oakley, The Ramsay High School

R. J. Ashton, Kachwa Medical Mission Report

Ethel Turner, Almora

Agnes Baker, Ballygunge Training College

Miss G. Walsh, Report of the Kaurapukur Central Girls' School

W. G. Murphy, Gopiganj Arthington Mission

O. H. Stursberg

C. Headland, Report of the London Missionary Society's Institution, Calcutta

U. S. Rawat, Report of Evangelistic Work, Almora

Emily Rees, Hasting Chapel, Koshba School, Bible Zenana Work

J. H. Brown, Kaurapukur, Gosaba, Baduria

Mary Tuck

Miss A. Waitt

Alice Hawker

Mary Walton

Gladys Usher

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