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Bernard Ledeboer, Rotterdam - Arie Vos made a director of Netherlands Missionary Society to guide Dutch sent to the Cape; 2 German missionaries waiting to go; notes up-to-date nature of LMS despatches from the Cape, pubished in Evangelical Magazine; hopes for more information from Jan Willem Janssens [governor-designate] and Jacob Abraham Uitenhage de Mist [commisary/Commissioner for the Cape]; Netherlands Missionary Society concentrating on overseas work; will receive 4 Berlin trainees for finishing course; candidates' course of study; need for co-ordination in mission in southern Africa; covering note to Gericke's letter (below): would have liked John Ullbright and John Palm to have stayed longer, account of expenses

joint letters in German with translation from Johann Gottfried Ullbricht [later John Ullbright] and Johann David Palm [later John Palm], Rotterdam - their journey to England and thence to Rotterdam; learning music and surgery in addition to Dutch language; Netherlands Missionary Society not as exclusive as the Dutch Reformed Church; absence of replies to Netherlands Missionary Society's addresses to Jansenns and de Mist adds uncertainty re policy; Johann Ehrhardt, Mathis [J G Mathys], Christian Albrecht and Abraham Albrecht arrived at Rotterdam

postcript to first of above letters from the translator William Ringletaube, Fulnec [Fulneck Moravian Settlement] near Leeds - character of John Ullbright "a young man of God bearing the character of a Timotheus";

Jan Willem Janssens, governor-designate of the Cape of Good Hope (Batavian Republic), The Hague (in French) - declares his support for both Dutch and British missions

extracts from letters of the Netherlands Missionary Society showing their financial contributions

G W Gericke, Madras, to Netherlands Missionary Society (translation) - a Dutch prisoner or war serving as clerk of German-speaking church in Swiss regiment; missionaries particularly needed in Dutch settlements in Ceylon, now under British administration; 2 Christian Dutch-speaking Malays from Malacca have been with him; opening for mission in Amboyna [Ambon]

H Aenae, Oirschot [Netherlands] - has been translator at Cape for Missionary Society; sum of money available at Cape

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A detailed list (List B1) is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library, which covers Incoming Correspondence for Holland, 1797-1845 (much in Dutch, including correspondence with Johannes Van der Kemp before he went to South Africa).

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