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Groups include: pastor of Methodist Episcopal Church and his family; staff of North China Union College at ?Tungchow [Tongxian]; Janet Rees [later Janet Evans] and pupils; Miss [Lizzie] Bovey's [later Lizzie McGillivray] School, Hongkew District, Shanghai; [Alice] Peill [nee Alice McFarlane] and children; teachers and scholars of the Anglo-Chinese College Kulangsu, Amoy [Xiamen], May 1902; ?Hiao Vem Leper Asylum, 1904; Amoy Mission Group; Chungking [Chonquing] helpers 1901; Indigenous workers and Christians, Changchow [Zhangzhou]. Other people include: barber; professional character writer; Mr Han; Hankow evangelist Mr Liu; [James] Sadler and [Frank] Joseland; Ang kau lan (local preacher, ?"Twang-chiang-chu"). Activities featured include: crowd watching missionaries walking; missionary speaking to patients in the Chapel. Other places or buildings featured include: examination cells; interior of Margaret Hospital, a class room at the LMS High School, the Hall of the Theological College, Hankow [Hankou]; bridge at Waung Tsaung; Anglo-Chinese College, Tientsin [Tianjin]; village on edge above North River; West City church Peking [Beijing]; Grand Canal, North China; Chunking river (HMS Woodcott and HMS Pioneer [later HMS Kin Sha] in the foreground); flooded plain "at the back of Hankow" (with fishing boat); Tsao-shih mission house; ornamental arch of Confucian Temple, city of Sienning [Xianning]; pagoda at Tungchow; site of houses and Women's school at Changchow. Also includes: roofs in countryside, West China; feet of Sam Hai's daughter and 2 other women; styles of ancient and modern writing; LMS Shanghai house-boat Good News; boats on the Grand Canal; a "hired river boat"; a buddhist "idol".

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