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includes letters from:

George Hodson (Assistant Secretary), London - urging Le Brun to be circumspect

John Le Brun (in French language), Port Louis - unsuccessful in finding space for school; enocomic problems following fire; Sunday School bearing fruit in producing young people ready to join the church and receive sacrament; could new governor, General Hall be informed there is a missionary in his island?; Mrs Jones had a daughter; Le Brun married Mlle Mabille;

Joint letter from David Jones and Thomas Bevan - their arrival in Mauritius; General Hall thinks their mission inauspicious, Madagascar unhealthy, the treaty made by Farquhar with the king of Ova [Hova] breached by continuation of slave trade, he has withdrawn his officials and the only remaining Europeans on Madagascar are pro-slave dealers

Thomas Bevan and Mary Bevan [née Mary Jones], Port Louis - as above

David Jones, Port Louis - He and Bevan intend travelling as private gentlemen with interpreter to see how things are in Madagascar and visit king Ova; Le Brun has spoken with a man who has been 20 years in Madagascar and believes interor promising; 6000 word account of visit to Tamatave [Toamasina]

Governor Hall, Port Louis - confirms Jones and Bevan's report of his views, more tactfully expressed; agrees a visit to ascertain situation desirable; Jones returns and reports good prospects; he continues measures to suppress the slave trade

Thomas Bevan, Port Louis - accountof Tamatave visit; David Jones left with wife and child; postscript by John Hampson and Samuel Trawin bound for Calcutta

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A detailed list of Incoming Correspondence for Mauritius, 1814-1848 (list E5), is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library.

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