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Groups include: Tingchow [Changting] Arthington Hospital first medical staff and outpatient morning, October 1908; Girls' Training Home, Hong Kong; gathering for opening service of the new Lepers' Chapel, Siaokan [Xiaogan]; crowd at Wan Hsien, East Szechwan [Sichuan]; Changchow [Zhangzhou] Anglo-Chinese College; Changchow preachers conference; Tingchow staff. People include: children; bride and bridegroom. Activities featured include: carrying a cotton bale; making coal balls; man irrigating fields. Other places or buildings featured include: interior of a hospital ward; Peking [Beijing] (view from wall); bridge across Yellow River, Hankow [Hankou] and Peking Railway; Kwangtung [Guangdong] including large tomb; LMS Training Home for Girls, Hong Kong; Anglo-Chinese College Amoy [Xiamen]; Shanghai Bund; Chengchow [Zhengzhou]; American Presbyterian School College and Church at Fah Tei, Canton [Guangzhou]. Also includes: burnt effigies, paper goods, and clothes by graves; ancestral tablets. Prints received from individuals including: Wilson Geller.

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