Part of sequence of mounted prints, some with captions

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Groups include: Hwangkang [Huanggang] workers, 1904; mandarins and gentry; group of lepers at Siaokan [Xiaogan], 1908; young men at Hankow [Hankou]; women and girls at Peking [Beijing]; Anglo-Chinese College, Tientsin [Tianjin] staff and pupils; Hankow staff; [Henry] Robertson and preachers. People include: Hu-tsz-tsung, Jien-sin-tung, and Yen-chi-pao; bridal pair; [Charles] Sparham (selling a tract); Siaokan preacher; colporteur (once a priest); youngest leper at Siaokan; Mr Wei of Siaokan; "young patient"; thief in stocks at Siaokan. Activities featured include: scaffolding and shade preparatory to building a house, Canton [Guangzhou]; meal and work at the Blind School, Hong Kong; class at Hankow High School. Other places or buildings featured include: Chan's ancestral temple, refuge for the insane (founded by Dr J C Kerr), and the river, Canton; Macao [Macau] spring at which [Robert] Morrison baptised his first convert; Sunt'ong on the way to Poklo [Boluo]; Koeh Khi, near Changchow [Zhangchou]; Changchow mission house; Ciam Khoe; LMS bungalows, Kuling [Guling]; Dr [Griffith] John's garden and study; the River Han. Also includes temple decorations: gods of literature, Yenshan [Yanshan] and Siaokan; "one of the ten judges of the Buddhist Hell".

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Several of the prints are duplicated in other parts of this sequence. Also duplicate of baptismal spring.

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