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Box 8: J. Mullens, deputation to India and China, 1865-66, correspondence; H. W. Thompson, deputation to India, China, Mauritius, South Africa, 1882-83; terms of reference for 1907 deputational visit to India and China

Box 9: Reports of Deputation Agents to the Funds and Agency Committee, 1884-1903, (reports by Agents of British regions: Scotland and Ireland, Northern counties, Midland and Eastern counties)

Boxes 10-12: Papers of Deputation by Daniel Tyerman and George Bennet to the South Seas, Java, India, and Madagascar, 1821-29: correspondence, 1820-25, correspondence re. Ultra Ganges and India Missions, 1825-27, reports on South India, and Mauritius, correspondence from Madagascar and South Africa, papers on deputation, papers on a projected fund for widows and orphans, 1830

Box 13: Papers of Deputation by Revd. A. N. Johnson (Home Secretary) and Edward Smith to Australia and New Zealand Sept 1907-Feb 1908 (Johnson then visited Papua New Guinea): diaries, notes, papers, correspondence, report of deputation, papers on missions to South Sea islands, materials on Australian churches

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Detailed lists are available at the School of Oriental and African Studies, (ref: A3) and for Boxes 10-12, papers of Deputation by Tyermann and Bennet to the South Seas, (ref: A7)

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