North China,1890

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includes letters from:-

William Hopkyn Rees, Hsaio Chang [Siaochang/Xiaozhang], Tientsin [Tianjin] and Chefoo [Yantai] - balance sheet; annual report; persecution of converts; requests William McFarlane for Siaochang; enclosed letter in Chinese, with translation, from church members requesting additional missionary; comparison with China Inland Mission conditions; rain and devastation; vital place of 'native agency'; McFarlane son and Rees daughter born

Mrs McFarlane [née Mary Armstrong], Hsaio Chang [Siaochang/Xiaozhang] - her work and that of Mrs Rees [née Margaret Harrison] among women

Thomas Bryson, Peking - balance sheet; birth of daughter

Annie Pearson, Peking [Beijing] - annual report

Jonathan Lees, Tientsin -

Samuel Meech, Peking (secretary) - committee minutes; resolution re medical drugs for Annie Pearson's work; resolutions of joint district committee annual meeting; self-support of Chinese church; boys boarding school proposal; applied for daughters to enter School for Daughters of Missionaries, Sevenoaks [Walthamstow Hall]

George Owen, Peking

Dr Frederick Roberts, Tientsin

Dr George Smith, Tientsin and en route for Mongolia - annual report; planning further Mongolia tour; wife's death from cholera; to Mongolia with John Parker

Mrs Smith [née Jessie Philips], Tientsin and Chefoo

Dr Edward Pritchard, Peking - inaccuracy of LMS Annual Report (1888/9 re his hospital

Maria Morrison, Tientsin

James Gilmour, Peking and Mongolia

Dr Sewell McFarlane,

Joseph Stonehouse, Hsaio Chang [Siaochang/Xiaozhang] and Peking - Tungan, his main country station, needs better premises

Mrs Owen [née Emilie Malden], steamship Bengal

printed appeal for flood relief

printed translation of Memorial from Li Hung-Chang to emperor on floods in Chihli

printed sub-committee report on floods around Tientsin

Alexander King, Shanghai

John Parker, on board steamship Parramatta

Edith Goode, Adelaide [Australia] and Peking - missionary interest in Australia

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A detailed list of Incoming Correspondence for North China, 1860-1898 (list G4), is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library.

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