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Includes letters from:

George Drummond, Sapapalii and Malua (as secretary)

Thomas Slatyer, Upolu (secretary)

Archibald Murray, Pagopago, Tutuila and on board John Williams

Thomas Heath, Apia and Manono

William Day, Upolu and Sydney

William Harbutt, Upolu

Henry Nisbet, Upolu

George Turner, Upolu

George Stallworthy, Upolu

Thomas Bullen, Upolu - state of his station at Leone on Tutuila, birth of a daughter

Thomas Powell, Upolu - temporaily in charge of Tutuila, then at Savaii

Charles Hardie, Savaii and George Turner, Upolu - first year's report of Samoan Mission Academy, Malua

William Mills, Upolu

John Sunderland temporarily located to help Thomas Heath, succeeds Slatyer at Saluafata, then Stair at press

John Stair, Upolu and Sydney - his house at Leulumaega - leaves for England on account of wife's ill health

Alexander Chisholm, Salailua (Savaii) - visit to Falealupo, moves to Sapapalii

George Pratt, Matautu - his marriage to Elizabeth Bicknell (related to missionary of that name)

Archibald Murray and George Turner, Erromanga

Charles Hardie, Savaii

William Mills, Upolu

Henry Nisbet, Upolu,

George Turner, Upolu - beginnings of seminary for Samoan youth

Ebenezer Buchanan, Upolu - report of schools, birth of a son

Alexander Macdonald, Upolu and Sapapalii

William Harbutt, Upolu

Charles Wilson

death of Mrs Stallworthy, Charles Wilson's daughter

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