South China Reports

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Series of official or annual reports from LMS mission stations to LMS headquarters, relating to the South China missions. Comprises series of detailed reports from missionaries in charge of stations, schools and hospitals, as well as their wives and occasionally indigenous teachers or assistants. The reports contain a great deal of information, including statistical data on the number of local converts, the number of indigenous preachers, and the number of local children attending mission schools, for example. They can also provide information on specific institutions. Some reports were used in missionary publications, and many have been editied with blue pencil lines. Occasionally, a report has been cut up and areas of text removed. Some reports consist of decennial reviews of the advances or otherwise made by the mission.

Some reports relate to specific Institutions, and for South China these include the Nethersole Hospital; the Alice Memorial Hospital, including the Alice Memorial Maternity hospital and the Ho Min Ling Hospital; Ying wa College (to 1924) and Ying wa Girls School; Canton Christian College; Anglo-Chinese College.


South China reports up to 1940 are divided into two sequences. The first sequence relates primarily to Hong Kong and Canton [Guangzhon], and include reports from the following places: Poklo [Bolou] Fatshan [Foshan] Tsung-fa district (from 1905 onwards) Kam Li. The second sequence are from South Fukien or Fujian, and comprise mainly reports from Amoy [Xiamen]. Reports to 1940 are organised chronologically into yearly files, and then alphabetically by author. Reports written in January of each year, or where they specifically refer to the previous year, are included in the previous file. After 1940, reports relating to South China and Fukien are found within the China / East Asia division. These later reports are arranged alphabetically by author, and grouped approximately by decade.

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