Pages originally in an album mainly of Vizianagram [Vizianagaram, possibly compiled by Sarah Goffin, nee Sarah Cullis]

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Groups include: "The family", August 1889; South India Committee, Belgaum (1892), Bangalore (1895), Madras [Chennai] (1897) [and Bellary (1890)]; missionary groups at Vizianagram, 1879, and Waltair, 1877; Andrew, Philip, and Abel Edwin and their families; groups at Vizianagram (including Christian villagers) and Medapalli; Bible colporteurs; Girls' School and sewing class, Vizianagram; group in front of Titus' house, Gajapatinagaram; LMS staff at Vizianagram and Vizagapatam [Vishakhapatnam], 1889; group "under a mango tree"; "our neighbours, Vizianagram, 1889"; Rev. [Morris] Thomas and family, Waltair. People featured include: Paidi (horse-keeper), waterman, sweeper, dhobie, tailor, [Herbert] Goffin, Sanyasi (cook boy), Ayah, Edmund, Durgayya (camp boy), Mrs Goffin, Herbert, and Ramanna (grass-cutter), "The family"; "Winnie"; Pydiah; Rev. P and Mrs Jaganmadham; Rev. [Ebenezer] Le Mare; Boyi Hatchanna; Mary Innes; Freddie, Ocean, Mrs and Mr Gill, Bertha and Lottie ("our neighbous"). Activities featured include: loading up carts for a district tour, Cuddapah. Other places or buildings featured include (Vizianagram unless otherwise stated): LM Compound, garden, and house; parade ground and road; officers' mess; Elephant Hill; cattle market; entrance to Maharajah's Palace; road to beach, cemetery and LM house, Waltair, Hanuman Gorge, Telugu Chapel, and Ramathirtam temple, Vizagapatam; entrance to fort Belgaum; Colombo [Ceylon, later Sri Lanka]; Suez Canal and Port Said [Bur Sa'id, Egypt]; Madura [Madurai] Mission Graveyard, Kodaikanal, Palni Hills; Maharajah's College; Roman Catholic and English churches; mosques near Cuddapah and in Vizianagram; clock tower; Maharani's tank; well, Vizianagram "cantonment"; Uripeta (including Philip's house); traveller's bungalow, Ramathadrapur; Rajah's guest house; Andrew's house, Chipurupalli; Muniswami's house, Bhimasingi; Titus' old house and old temple, Gajapatinagaram; back water, Chittiwalsah; near Joganapta, Kadiri; corner of the bazaar and temples (including near Siddhavat), Cuddapah; Temple Hellivada; Bobbili (including Shiva Temple); temple gateway; Jaganath Temple; Temple, Parvatipur; Shiva Temple, Medapalli; sacred rock, Ramathirtam. Prints taken by individuals including: H Arnoux (Port Said).

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