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George Drummond, Upolu and Samoa - requests regular copies of Congregational Year Book and 'Christian World'

John Chauner Williams, Samoa (consul)

Samuel Whitmee, Samoa - describes European missionaries as bishops, says it will take 15-20 years before ordained Samoans can function independently, allowing withdrawal of foreign agency

Samuel Davies, Samoa

George Pratt (secretary), Samoa - Samoa missioanries adverse to request from Hervey Islands [South Cook islands] missionaries for Rarotongan teachers to join Samoans in mission to Lagoon Islands [Tuvalu]; having heard from Hiram Bingham, request ABCFM missionaries (via Dr Gulick of Honolulu) in Hawaii to agree a boundary on Latitude 4 degrees north of the equator between the LMS and American missionary spheres.

George Scott

Archibald Murray, Upolu - missionaries consider new John Williams will be quite large enough, unanimously against steam

George Turner - returns a note from George Rolleston, professor of Anatomy, Oxford, having responded to his request for a particular species of bird

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