Papua New Guinea Reports

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Series of official or annual reports from LMS mission stations to LMS headquarters, relating to the Papua New Guinea missions. The reports series comprises detailed reports from missionaries in charge of mission stations, schools and hospitals etc. The reports contain a great deal of information, including statistics on the number of local converts, the number of indigenous preachers, and the number of local children attending mission schools, for example. They can also provide information on specific institutions. Some reports were used in mission publications, and many have been edited for such use. Some reports consist of decennial reviews of the advances or otherwise made by the mission.

The Papua New Guinea reports include reports from the following stations, including those in the Torres Straits Islands: Gulf mission - including Darley Island, Murray Island, Daru; Orokolo; Jokea (Moru); Motumotu and Fly River; Delena; Port Moresby; Vatorata; Kerepunu; Mailu; Fife Bay (including Isuleilei); Kwato; Kalaigolo.

Some reports relate to specific Institutions, and for Papua these include Lawes College, Port Moresby Girls School, Poreporena mission hospital and school, Metoreia hospital and Fife Bay technical school.

Significant missionaries reporting for the period to 1940 include Charles William Abel (1862-1930, Kwato, Papua mission 1890-1928); Benjamin Thomas Butcher (1877-1973, Torres Straits & Aird Hill, Papua mission 1904-1941); James Chalmers (1841-1901, Papua mission 1877-1901); Percy Chatterton (1898-1984, Port Moresby & Delena, Papua mission 1924-1964); James Birkett Clark (1881-1968, Papua mission 1906-1931); Harry Moore Dauncey (1863-1932, Delena, Papua mission 1888-1928); Charles Fry Rich (1872-1949, Isuleilei,Papua mission 1900-1940); Robert Rankin (1898-1960, Papua mission 1927-1960); Edward Baxter Riley (1868-1929, Vatorata & Fly River, Papua mission 1900-1929); William James Viritahitemauvai Saville (1873-1948, Millport Harbour & Mailu, Papua mission 1900-1935); Harry James Edward Short (1887-1962, Papua mission 1921-1953); Robert Lister Turner (1875-1949, Vatorata, Port Moresby & Delena, Papua mission 1901-1940) and his wife Edith Emma Turner (1877-1956, previously Emma Calvert).


The series of reports to 1940 are organised chronologically into yearly files, and then alphabetically by author. Report written in January of each year, or where they specifically refer to the previous year, are included in the previous file. From 1940, reports have been grouped approximately by decade.

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