Council Minutes

Scope and Content

Signed minutes of Council meetings, bound with supporting papers. Papers include General Secretary's Report of Council Meeting, agendas, programmes, participant lists, accounts, 'Who's Who' lists, minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the LMS Corporation and CMS Corporation, Standing Orders, reports from Executive Staff including visits made by Executive Secretaries to member churches and projects, reports on programme areas (e.g. Education in Mission, Training in Mission), 6 yearly reviews, details of special grants requested, thematic and discussion papers, details of missionary terms of service, requests for missionary service.

Administrative / Biographical History

The first CWM Council meeting took place in July 1977, and thereafter biennially.

Membership of the Council was drawn from the CWM member churches. Originally there were two members for each constituent body on the Council. In 1997, the Council had 68 church members, three women members and three youth members. CWM executive staff - full time staff employed by, and responsible to, the Council - also attended Council meetings. The CWM constituent body could appoint its Council members for such a period as it thought fit and could at any time replace them. The Council for World Mission was a registered charity in England and Wales and the Council members were the official Trustees. It was governed by the Scheme of Charity and the Council and Executive worked according to Standing Orders.

The executive staff prepared the business of the Council. Matters for the agenda could also be put forward by the Executive Committee, a constituent body or a member of the Council. The Moderator, Deputy Moderator or Chair of Corporations chaired the business meetings. Matters brought before the Council were nominally decided by a majority of votes of the Council members present.

At each Council meeting three honorary officers of CWM were elected by secret ballot – the Moderator, Deputy Moderator and Chair of Corporations. The Officers were normally appointed to a post for two years from the final session of the Council meeting, but could be re-elected to the same post for a further two-year period.

The executive staff appointed by the Council were responsible for the day to day business of running CWM. They were responsible to the Council and made regular reports on their work to the Council and Executive Committee. The General Secretary was in overall charge of all CWM office staff. Five departments did the office work: Administration, Communications, Personnel, Education in Mission and Finance. This later included a department for Mission Programme. Each of the executive staff had support staff to assist with the running of their department.

Today, there are 32 member representatives on the ‘Council’, which meets once a year at what is known (in legal terms) as the Annual General Members Meeting (usually in June each year).

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Minutes are closed for 30 years from the date of creation to protect confidentiality. After 30 years, minutes may be consulted in the Special Collections Reading Room but users are asked to sign a Data Protection declaration form in relation to any personal data contained within the minutes.

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