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Thomas Biggin, Peking [Beijing] West City - 'complicity of Empress in Boxer outbreak'; Georgina Smith's work; work of school re-started since siege raised

Annie Goode, Peking

William Hopkyn Rees, Chi Chou and Shanghai - suffering and steadfastness of Chinese Christians

Dr Lillie Saville, Peking West City and inside British Legation - greater attendances of women at services than 3 years before; unity and helpfulness of refugees of all kinds in legations, no Christian home left unmolested; interview with Sir Claude Macdonald [British minister], returning to Peking

John Grant, Tungan Hsien, Nagasaki and on board steamship Hamburg - birth of daughter

Jonathan Lees (treasurer), Tientsin [Tianjin] - Mongolian Mission really a mission to Chinese and should be handed over to others; riots largely resulted from Catholic interference in lawsuits; loss of belongings

Samuel Meech, Hsiao Chang [Siaochang/Xiaozhang], Chefoo [Yantai] and near Kobe, Japan

Thomas Howard Smith, Peking East City, Tientsin, transport ship Ballarat, Blue Mountains (New South Wales) and Sydney - revival services; shelled and subject to almost continuous attack from all sides; Chinese Christians have lost homes and occupations; detail of Tientsin siege, privation of women and children; sterling quality of Chinese Christians who many times saved the situation; returned to Australia on LMS directors' instructions; hopes to interest Australians in China

Edith Bartlett, Ts'ang Chou [Cangzhou]

David Murray, Tsangchow [Cangzhou], Taku (HM ship Orland), Liu Kung Jau (Wei Hai Wei [Weihai]) and on board steamship Kawchimaru - his wife's death, will stay 'for the sake of the Church God has put under his care'; province restless and inflammable; protestant missions did not suffer as Catholics did; hospital near completion; Mr Shao to be ordained (Jonathan Lees' first convert); 'but for General Mei and his troops we would not have got away'; report of massacre of Chinese Christians including Mr Shao; looking after refugees

Dr Arthur Peill, Tsangchow and Chei Hai Wei [Jei Hai Wei] - attending wounded; detailed description of journey from Tsangchow

Alexander King (secretary), Tientsin - district committee minutes; military authorities requested all ladies and children to leave; heavy bombardment; over 100 refugees in East compound; Chinese Christians reached Tientsin from Tsangchow, reports of preachers mutilated and killed; Tientsin mission safe but college may be requisitioned

Thomas Bryson, Tientsin - Boxers' outrages; 100, maybe 200, murdered in Yensan; little protection for Chinese Christians offered by Sir Ernest Satow [Sir Ernest Mason Satow, new British minister]

Albert Bridge, Wei Chen [Wei Zhen], Kobe and Tientsin - birth of child; on return tried to enter Chi Chou but forbidden; his old station intact, Christians survive but lost belongings, many remain loyal

Dr George Smith, Tientsin and San Francisco - Boxer movement spreading rapidly in Tientsin, reduced attendance at hospital and preaching; his locum should have bicycle

Georgina Smith, Peking (American Mission and Sung Hai) - danger in Peking due to Boxers; East and West City missions entirely destroyed; narrative of work of the mission since relief of legation; flight of dowager empress; return of colleagues

Dr Thomas Cochrane, Chao Yang [Chaoyang], New Chuan [Niúzhuang, Yingkou] and on board Empress of Japan and steamship Corinthian - fled Chao Yang

Beatrice Thomas, Chi Chou - offer of service to LMS

Joseph Stonehouse, Peking, Tientsin and Taku [Tang-gu] - Boxer activity and threats in Peking; application for son to School for Sons of Missionaries, Blackheath; believes Empress using Boxers for own ends; temporary premises erected in East City; work reorganized, himself, Thomas Biggin and Georgina Smith to remain; consideration of future work; getting compensation for Chinese Christians; loss of Chan Jung, most faithful preacher and friend;

James Liddell, Chao Yang, Presbyterian mission, New Chang [Niúzhuang, Yingkou] and Shanghai - evacuation of Chao Yang, help given by Christians and even an anti-foreigner; Chao Yang destroyed; fidelity of converts; going to Tientsin, better work than ever to be done

Ethel Shilston, Peking - work among women going on well

Dr Sewell McFarlane, Kujomizu Hotel, Arima (Kobe) and Tientsin - returned to Tientsin hospital, arranging to carry on medical work; Chi Chou district serious position, wife's pupils executed praying for God's mercy

Mrs McFarlane [née Mary Armstrong], Shanghai

George Owen, Tientsin - atrocity stories; bitterest persecution in Yensan district; problems of restitution and preventing retaliatory acts

Ed Cousins, Tientsin

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