South India (Tamil),1857

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includes letters from:

Richard Johnston, Nundial - proof reading Old Testament in Telugu; report

George Hall (secretary), Madras [Chennai] - case against John Nimmo; proceedings of district committee; case of Paul and Samathanan; Cawnpore [Kanpur] Massacre; District Committee views on ordination of Indians; suggestion for Richard Sargent to take on Theodor Kübler's work; circular on John Nimmo's case, committee votes

Theodor Kübler, Madras and Würtemberg - report of Tamil Church, Black Town [later George Town]; two workers (Paul and Samathanan) downgraded; he leaves India on health grounds

John Nimmo, Tripassore [Tirupattur] - accusations against him put before local court as libel, wins case against George Hall and others, with costs; asks to be restored to missionary status

Mrs Porter [née Anne Bowmar], Madras - girls school report

joint letter from George Hall and James Duthie, Madras - Black Town mission house unhealthy

joint letter from Edward Evans and R Halley on the return of William and Ann Porter and the work expected of them

James Duthie, Madras - his marriage to Sarah Ann Lea

J Broomhall, Madras

Edward Evans, Madras - Davidsons Street Church pastorate

Richard Sargent, Madras

Sergeant O'Brien, Vellore

William Addis, Coimbatore - Lutheran 'aggression', 'unfair' methods of the Leipzig Society; report;

Charles Addis, Coimbatore - school statistics

Mrs Addis [née Susanna Emelia Van Someren] - girls school finance

John Lechler, Salem - report; Sepoy Revolt and trouble in North India; letter from an educated Hindu; government should not forbid Bible in schools

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A detailed list of Incoming Correspondence for the Tamil area, 1817-1860 (list F4), is available for consultation in the Special Collections Reading Room, SOAS Library.

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