Macao [Macau] and Hong Kong Christian activity

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Groups include: 9th annual meeting of the Kwangtung [Guangdong] Synod of the Church of Christ in China for a memorial service in the Protestant Cemetery Macao, 4 July 1934, in commemoration of the centenary of the death of Dr Robert Morrison; group for welcome meeting to Rev. [Arthur] Chirgwin at Hop Yat Church, Hong Kong, 23 November 1938; group [with Thomas Cocker Brown], 31 March 1946. Other people featured include: [Frank] Short, [Stanley] Boxer, Rev. Tam Yuk Sam, [Frank] Ashton, [Herbert] Wells, [Jessie] Boxer [nee Jessie Stevens], [Maud] Ward, [Dorothy] Hutchinson, Miss Shin Tak Hing, Rev. Cheung Chuk Ling, [Irene] Short [nee Irene McCalla], [Annie] Hughes [nee Annie Cameron], Miss Fung Oi Lin, Dr [Annie] Sydenham, and Rev. Ho Sam Ue; [Ruth] Green [nee Ruth Victoria] and Peter Wong; Canon Paul T'so, Dr Rajah Manikam (World Council of Churches), Mrs Manikam, Rev. A P Collier (American Bible Society), Archdeacon Lee Kao-yuan (Federation of Chinese Churches), and David McGavin (Secretary of the Bible Society). Events featured include: Ying Wa Girls' School presentation of prizes, November 1949; visit of Manikam to Hong Kong, 11 March 1952. Photographs taken by: King's Studio; South China Morning Post.

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Duplicates of 9th annual meeting of Kwantung Synod and welcome to Chirgwin

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