Journal of George Turner, Samoa, 1876

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Journal of George Turner, May - July 1876, describing his voyage in the John Williams from Samoa to the out stations of the mission in the Tokelau, Ellice [Tuvalu] and Gilbert Islands [Kiribati]. The islands visited include Fakaofo and Atafu in the Tokelau Islands; Nukulaelae, Funafuti, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Niutao, Nanomea, Nanomanga and Nui in the Ellice Islands; and Arorae, Tamana, Peru [Beru], Nukunau, Tamana and Onatoa in the Gilbert group. Turner records the number of members of the churches and schools, the population of the islands, the numbers kidnapped by slavers, and the use of carrier birds to transmit messages between the islands. The journal has been edited in pencil.

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