Journal of John Marriott, Samoa, 1895

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Journal of John Marriott, June - July 1895, describing his visit to the out stations of the Samoan mission in the Tokelau Islands, Ellice Islands [Tuvalu] and Gilbert Islands [Kiribati] accompanied by Miss Wilhelmine Schultze. They travelled in the new steam ship John Williams. Islands they visited included Olsenga [Olsega], Fakaofo and Atafu in the Tokelau group; Nukulaelae, Vaitupu, Nukufetau, Nui, Niutao, Nanuomanga and Nanumea in the Ellice group; and Arorae, Tamana, Onoatoa, Peru [Beru] and Nukunau in the Gilbert group. The journal mentions the Christian Endeavour groups established on various islands, the activities of the Roman Catholic missionaries, as well as the church meeting, school examinations and receipt of annual reports from the native teachers. It also uncludes some statistical information for the islands.

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