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Box 8: Reports of South Africa Stations, 1800-32; correspondence with Kuruman Mission, 1838-40; Native Development papers, 1884-1934; Khama Tshedeki Papers [see also Box 18]; Relations with Government, 1919-29; Mpolokoso (North East Rhodesia) Sub-committee papers, 1928-37; Masawa Station correspondence, 1934-37; papers re. graves at Urambo Mission, 1935; photographs of Bechuanaland troops in London, 1945; manuscript, 'The Jubilee of a King', M. G. Edward

Box 9: Brownlee Correspondence (missionary in Kaffirland), 1837-67; correspondence and photographs re. Campbell Church; papers re. Matabeleland Controversy, 1909; papers and engraving of Jan Tzatzoe [Jan Tshatshu] and Andries Stoffles (sent to England in 1836 to appear before a Parliamentary Select Committee on treatment of 'natives' / 'Aborigines'); Young People's Missionary Letter, Rev A. J. Swan, April 1887, on Central Africa; Notes on Mandombi (from the Congo, infected with sleeping sickness), 1890; Tss. report on education in Bechuanaland Protectorate, E. B. Sargant, 1905; miscellaneous correspondence relating to John Philips and Ellis; memo on Cape Town Mission House, 15 May 1854

Box 10: Letters and papers of Rev W. Govan Robertson, 1894-1916; papers on South African Powers of Attorney, 1842-1929; statistics of Hottentot Population Committee of Inquiry, 1830; papers re. purchase of Kruisfontein Estate, 1842-48; copy correspondence between F. H. Harris and A. M. Chirgwin on African students in London, 1923-1938; nineteenth century maps, plans and pictures of South Africa, previously removed from correspondence

Box 11: J. H. L. Burns: Bechuanaland Protectorate Papers, 1923-1941; correspondence, minutes of meetings; 'The Sunday Times of Zambia', 1 Nov 1970; 'Christian Leader', November 1970, on United Church of Christ in Southern Africa

Box 15: Papers re. Molepolole Mission, 1930-1935, including staff papers; negotiations with United Free Church of Scotland over finances

Box 17: Papers re. Bibles etc. in Secwana, Sotho, and Tswana languages, 1934-1935; correspondence re. Serowe Mission, 1928-1929, 1942; report of Evelyn Haile's work at Serowe, 1942-1943; papers re. Ngamiland Mission, 1939-1942

Box 18: Papers re. Chief Tshekedi Khama of the Bumangwato Case, Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1933-36 (Tshekedi was accused of flogging a European under African laws - see also Box 8); papers re. mineral concessions in Chief Khama's Country, 1929-1930

Box 29: Anti Slavery material: on 'native' [African] rights in Rhodesia, and South Africa; Lake Tanganyika, E. Coode Hore, LMS Mariner, 1882; correspondence re. South Africa, education, hospitals, Ngamiland etc.; Dombodema Station Report, 1939; papers concerning visit of Chiefs Khama, Sebele, and Bathoen of Bechuanaland Protectorate to England, 1895, includes letters from Joseph Chamberlain

Box 30: Papers of the Property Commission, which investigated LMS property in Cape Province, 1916-26; correspondence on the Tanganyika Mission, including the steam launch SS Good News, 1877-1927; early photographs of Central Africa Mission, including SS Good News, together with published images, postcards etc.; papers of John Harris, Lake Tanganyika, and others, including Robert Moffat letters; report on training Bemba youth, 1935; papers on Matabeleland Mission 1920-1934 (BOX LISTED IN DETAIL)

Box 31: Papers on medical work in Bechuanaland, report on Ngamiland Mission, 1930-1936; papers on the position of the Masarwa, 1931-1935; Gold Coast Controversy Papers, 1930; papers on Property Commission in Africa, 1922-1924; English translation of 'Mwambi Wakali', taken from the Chinyanja; maps and plans of Central Africa

Box 32: Report by Commissioner Johnston on administration of British Central Africa, 1894, HMSO; map of South Africa, 1899; various annual reports; newspapers: 'The British Central Africa Gazette', published Zomba, 'The Gazette for Zanzibar and East Africa', 1830s

Box 33: Press cuttings album, n.d.; Life and Work in British Central Africa, Church of Scotland Mission, July 1892-March 1897; 'The Nyasa News', Universities Mission Press, Likoma, 1893-1895

Box 34: Papers on Tswapong Hospital (Sefhare), 1936-1940; Bridgman Memorial Hospital, 1937; Ngamiland Scheme for Redevelopment, 1938; Education in Relation to Evangelism, 1936-1937; Work on the Rand, 1937; Native Affairs Commission, 1938

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