Album of prints by Hope Bell

Scope and Content

Includes pictures of general views including old city gates, Nanking; duck keepers on the lakes, Hupeh; trunks on a river; washing clothes in stagnant pond outside city wall; dwellings outside city wall; an old form of punishment - men in wooden stocks with crime pasted onto the boards; pagoda at Kinkiang, Yangtse River; carrying brushwood, road from Kinkiang to foot of Kuling Mountain, the only wide road in Kiang-si Province; Kiang-si village and rice fields; the path up Kuling Mountain; bungalows for Arthington missionaries, Kuling; Kuling Church with five London Missionary Society bungalows in background; water carriers, Wuchang; rest house in front of Kuling Mountain; Chinese quarter at summit of Kuling Mountain; Shanghai Bund; priests preparing for procession, Llama Temple, Peking; the Altar of Heaven, Peking; conference of Nurses' Association of China, 3 Sep 1915; part of Great Wall of China.

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