Papers relating to the The Viceroy's Hospital, Tientsin

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68. London Missionary Society Memorandum on the origins and history of the Viceroy's hospital at Tientsin. 1888

69. Memorandum on the origin of the Viceroy's Hospital at Tientsin. June 1888.

70. Copy of a judgement regarding the Viceroy's hospital and the London Missionary Society regarding finances. c.1888.

71. Typescript copy of letter from Rev John Innocent to Mr Lees accompanying the award of Arbitrators. Typed. c.1888

72. Typescript copy of letter from Jonathan Lees to Wardlaw Thompson regarding the award of arbitrators on the Hospital. c.1888

73. Letter from Wu Lui[?] To Mr Bullock. 20 Jul 1888

74. The Taotai Claims on behalf of the Viceroy, relating to the Viceroy's hospital. n.d.

75. Proposed extension on the Viceroy's Hospital, Tientsin. 1886

76. Letter from Dr John MacKenzie 28 Dec 1880

77. Indenture between Dr John K. Mackenzie and the London Missionary Society. 1 Dec 1883 [additional copy originally numbered item 19 moved here]

78. Statement of the London Missionary Society's claims based on Dr Mackenzie's letters and Journals. 6 Oct 1888

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