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includes letters from:

James Smith - circumstances of his leaving the Society Islands [Iles de la Société]

N E Sloper (British and Foreign Temperance Society), London

T Lewis - re Richard Knill

Cornelius Rahmn, London - resignation as missionary on appointment as Swedish consul

Mary Nicholson, Lancaster

Edward Baker, London

Thomas Boaz, Hertford and Haileybury

R H Pearson [Rear-Admiral], Dartmouth [Devon]

Joseph Hyatt, Gloucester

Thomas Thompson, Tavistock Square [London]

James Jackson, Green Hammerton [Yorkshire]

Ann Evans, Manchester

George Yule, Edinburgh

Edward Baker, Portsmouth Harbour - emdarked for Madagascar

S Ray, Ipswich

Joseph Jowett, Bible Society House [London] - preparing Scriptures for Madagascar, requires help of David Jones

James Spence, Aberdeen

William Reeve, Cape of Good Hope - returning from Madras

James Turner, Knutsford - Cheshire - favours county directors; Cheshire Union of Independent Churches resolution thereon

William Alers Hankey, Walthamstow [Essex] - declines any office in LMS

David Jones, Sligo [Ireland]

John Lang (of New South Wales), London

John Dyer, Chicklade Lodge [Hindon, Wiltshire]

Rice Harris, Birmingham

R W Newland, Hanley [Staffordshire, late Stoke-on-Trent]

Richard Knill, Sudbury [Suffolk], Worcester, Chester, Shrewsbury and Bridgnorth - tour, support for China mission

Charles Piffard, Highbury [London]

William Reeve, off the Azores

P Auber, East India House - bonds entered into by existing missionaries not invalidated by act of parliament

George Browne (British & Foreign Bible Society), London - invitation to missionaries to attend Bible Society committee before travelling

Hugh Heugh, Glasgow

John Alexander, Norwich

John Bristow, Exeter [Devon]

Thomas Adam, Walworth [London]

George Payne, Exeter

Robert Grant, London [Sir Robert Grant, about to travel to Bombay, later Mumbai, to become governor]

William Reeve, Penryn [Cornwall]

Baptist Noel [Honourable Baptist Wriothesley Noel], St John's Vestry [Bedford Row, Bloomsbury, London]

printed questions for missionaries

joint letter from Jabez Bunting and Elijah Hoole, Wesleyan Mission House (London)

Martha Mault [née Martha Mead], Newport Pagnell [Buckinghamshire, later Milton Keynes]

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