'Work Is A Four-Letter Word'

Scope and Content

Bundle of papers in wrapper labelled 'Work' [i.e. the film Work Is A Four-Letter Word, directed by Peter Hall and released in 1968, for which DD provided music]. Includes:

  • /1 Miscellanous notes including calculations, train times, and tracks for 'band 1', 'band 2'.
  • /2 Calculations [hours spent on the project?] under headings 'Me', 'Brian' and 'No-one'.
  • /3 Notes relating to tracks.
  • /4 Calculations.
  • /5 Graphic representation of duration of multiple sounds.
  • /6 Graphic track display, annotated with sound cues.
  • /7 Notes on 'reverie' and 'Aly', including timings.
  • /8 Very rough pencil notes on timings.
  • /9 Notes on timings and tracks.
  • /10 Notes on ideas for tracks.
  • /11 Notes in red pen on tracks and timings.
  • /12 Typescript annotated list of filming cues and shot timings entitled 'V.D.P. 10th MUSH EAT (ready everyone!).
  • /13 Typescript annotated list of cues and shot timings entitled 'Refing? to Dazzle'.
  • /14 Typescript annotated list of cues and shot timings entitled 'MUSH' (crossed out).
  • /15 Rough page of notes relating to music styles and timings - reverse side contains track timings.
  • /16 Annotated graphic scores of each track; final sheet contains rough notes and 'to do list' on reverse side.
  • /17 Notes on tracks and timings, including reference to one track's musical similarity to 'Ape & Essence'.